Identifying Stem Cells 101

What even are stem cells? 🔬

Workers at a fabric factory operating machinery
Diagram outlining the many different types of cells stem cells can differentiate into

Stem Cell Uses

Surgeons operating on a leukaemia patient during a stem cell transplant

Stem cells categorized by potency

Diagram showing 5 types of stem cells, based on their potency

Stem cells categorized by source

Why do we need to isolate stem cells?

A step-by-step guide to FACS

Example of what a FACS machine look like externally
Example of what cell surface receptors look like on a cell’s surface
Diagram explaining how antibodies bind to antigens
Diagram explaining how direct and indirect cell staining techniques
Process for staining the cells with fluorescent-conjugated antibodies
A diagram I made to explain how forward scatter and side scatter are measured in a FACS machine
Diagram showing the detectors in a FACS machine and their role
Diagram of the general mechanisms in a FACS machine

What results do we drive from FACS?

Example of a 2D histogram using data from a FACS machine

Benefits of FACS

Scientist examing collection tubes of a FACS machine

How is FACS relevant to stem cells?

Stanford researcher examining stem cell data from a FACS machine on a computer

“ FACS allows rapid and accurate characterization of stem cell populations as well as isolation of rare stem cells or differentiated cells from contaminating cell populations”.


Conclusion 🏁

Scientists at a stem cell research laboratory examines cells under a microscope



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