Growing Your Brain Outside Your Body; The Neurosphere Simulator

A brief introduction to neural cells

What are neural stem cells?

Where are neural stem cells found?

Diagram of the sub-ventricular zone
Diagram of the hippocampus

Why is neurogenesis so important?

What is a neurosphere assay?

What can we study with the neurosphere assay?

A simplified example of the protocol

1. Prepping the materials 🧴

2. Tissue dissection 🔪

3. Preparing the neurosphere 🧠

4. Count cells 🔢

5. Add cells to a plate 🍽️

48-well plate


6. Examining the neurospheres 🔎

A cluster of several types of neural cells (one neurosphere)

The Neurosphere Simulator

What is the objective of the simulator?

How does the Neurosphere Simulator work?

Asymmetric Cell Divison

Figure 1 — types of neural cells interacting in the Neurosphere Simulator

Contact inhibition

Daughter position selection

Cell death

Example of two options when mitosis of a progenitor cell occurs. The left diagram shows both cells living while the right diagram shows the daughter cell dying


Example of how phagocytosis removes debris of dead cell, making room for new progenitor cell

My Findings

List of the variables in the simulation users can adjust

How does proliferative potential impact stem cell differentiation?

Legend showing what type of cells the colours on the graph and lattice correspond to
Data from trial 1, when proliferative potential was set to 7 (default setting)
Data from trial 2, when proliferative potential was set to 1 (lowest setting)

How does phagocytosis impact stem cell differentiation?

Data from trial 1, when clearance time was set to 5 (default setting)
Data from trial 3, when clearance time was set to 12 (highestsetting)





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